By Hour By Night

Introducing Up-otel

Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, Up-otel’s warm atmosphere is welcoming to all, equally. From the brass finished bathroom to the dimmable lighting, let us take you on a journey.

Providing an intimate space for both families and couples who have a more refined taste, Up-otel is a curated experience that teases the senses. Playful, yet sophisticated.

And, above all, super f*cking clean.


Fully Booked on Opening Night

We opened to a full house and would just like to say a huge thanks to everyone involved with the soft opening of Up-Otel, it has been an exciting journey with many more adventures ahead.

Soft opening offer

As a warm introduction to our neighbours we would like to offer out a 50% discount on all rooms throughout August (just in time for the holidays!)

Why Up-otel


Sophistication with a good dash of style.


Spicing things up a little.

Super F*cking Clean

Clean enough to literally eat off